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Banana Movies 2016 - Minions Mini Movies 2016 [ HD ]

Banana Movies 2016 - Minions Mini Movies 2016 [ HD ]
Minions Funny Classy Cartoon 2016 
Maybe you are very famililar with the Minions, but have you ever seen them on the adventure of finding bananas? You will find minions with unbelievable ways of getting bananas.
Minion is a super lovely and cheerful animated character, who has unlimited passion for Banana. He is very brisk, loves playing around and there are always bananas in the environment he lives: on the clock, in the middles of the air balloons on a truck, in a cage, on the river, on the beehive.. . He tries his best to get that banana, using many tricks such as: using dynamics, bombs, fire, stickes, knifes, rocks… But whatever how hard he tries, he NEVER succeed. 
You will find the funniest moment and never get bored of watching them. 
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